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Get your cars registered with us and pocket more cash. Wahyd is your one trusted platform with no risk at all!

Apply as Vendor

Vendor Requirements

Personal details

  • Valid NIC, phone Number, Email address.
  • Must provide Bank Name, & code, Account title, & number, IBAN number, Swift code

Vehicle Details

  • Any hatchback vehicle with engine capacity of 660 cc or above
  • pakistan/ assembled/ Japanese imported
  • Must have air conditioner, & seat belts
  • Model 2003 – 2018

Vendor FAQs

To register as a vendor you need to provide us following documentation & information

Personal Information:
  • National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Landline / mobile number
  • Email address
Bank Details:
  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • Account title
  • Branch name
  • Branch code
  • IBAN number
  • Swift code

As a vendor, it is mandatory for you to visit our office for document verification, acknowledgement of terms & conditions and contract signing. Wahyd provides an online portal to vendors from where they can check movements and details of their vehicles.

For Economy:

  • Vehicle: Any hatchback* vehicle e.g. Pakistan assembled 1000 cc vehicle or Japanese imported 660 cc vehicles (for example Cultus, Wagon R, Vitz, Mira, etc.)
  • Make: 2003 – 2018 (Import year will be considered for reconditioned vehicles)

For Regular:

  • Not taking in currently.

For Premium:

  • Not taking in currently.
No, we are not offering any minimum guarantee to the vendor.
Yes, Wahyd welcomes you to drive your own car as well.
Wahyd selects Guides after careful screening and they are well-trained to be on the road. We assure professionalism, confidentiality and reliability of every order.
You can earn up to Rs.75,000 for an Economy car.

Yes, you can register as many cars as you want.

Have more questions? Please do not hesitate and Reach out!

Call us at 051-8487520 or visit the office at Office 202, 2nd floor, Capital Business Centre, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, along with required documents.