Become A Guide

Become a part of the Wahyd Family! Drive with us. Choose your working hours, decide whether you want to work part-time with us or wish to go 100% The Wahyd Way. May Allah put immense barakah in your rizq!

Why choose Wahyd?

The Wahyd Locals:
Earn a living working with people who hold the same values as you, who get you, your context, and your living needs.

Wahyd’s Got Your Back: We Care
We’re a team. We’re in this together. From Day One, Wahyd and Wahyd Foundation have our driver’s best interests mapped and prioritized - this is about you, in a practical, meaningful way. If you are full-time contractor we offer benefits like medical, education, accidental coverage etc..

Wahyd: Your life, your schedule, your call
We have several programs to adapt to varying lifestyles. And we go out of our way, together with the Wahyd Foundation take care of all our drivers, full time or part time.

So, here’s what you do:

Complete your paperwork

You can get the requirements either outside of Wahyd’s office or call information to get the requirements.

Submit your application

Once you have all the required work done, call us and we will give you an appointment to visit us and complete your registration.


The Wahyd team will review your application and invite you for a training session if your application is successful.


We take our values and customer service standards seriously. Our Guides are Wahyd’s frontline ambassadors and we know it! We make sure that you are comfortable with the operational procedures of Wahyd.

Ready to Roll - the Wahyd Way

Upon successful completion of your training session, you are all set to drive and earn the Wahyd Way.

Download Our Mobile Apps To Get You Started.