What is Wahyd?

Wahyd is Pakistan’s own chauffeur driven car booking app to make your travel needs fast, reliable and affordable.

To request a Wahyd ride

  1. Open Wahyd app
  2. Choose Ride type: Economy, Premium, Special
  3. Tell us when and where do you want your ride to pick you from and destination for an estimated fare
  4. Choose convenient payment mode: Cash, Credit Card, Wahyd Credit, Wahyd Top-Up
  5. Tap “Ride Now” and you’ll be promptly notified Guide’s details.
  6. Upon reaching destination pay, “End Trip” and provide feedback
  • Economy: Rs. 85
  • Premium: Rs.140
  • Cancel waiting time for now booking: 4 minutes
  • Cancel waiting time for later booking: 2 hours before pickup time
  • Cancel charges: Minimum amount of selected car type


    For “now” booking, if the order is cancelled within 4 minutes, no cancellation charges are applied. Afterwards, it will be charged according to the cancellation rate of selected cab type and waiting time. (Example: Order was cancelled after 7 minutes, now after subtracting the grace period of 4 minutes, We will charge base Rs. 85 plus waiting charges for 3 minutes (Rs.250/hour i.e. approx. Rs 4/min), so total of Rs. 85 + (3 x 4) = 107.)

    Cancellation charges and waiting charges vary for each cab type.

    • For economy: Cancel: 95, waiting: 250
    • For premium: Cancel: 100, waiting: 350


    If an order is cancelled before 2 hours of pickup time, then there is no cancellation charge. If cancelled in less than 2 hours of pickup time, then cancellation charge is applied.

    • Economy: Rs. 200
    • Premium: Rs. 300

You should book the ride at least 1 hour before the pick-up time using ride “Later” to reach specified destination. Once the booking is confirmed please be assured you will always arrive on time, without the stress of parking, relaxed and happy.

Wahyd app calculates the estimated fare, distance and time duration automatically once the destination is indicated. You can also get a fare estimate through our website i-e;

Wahyd app is compatible with IOS and android.

Our customer care is open seven days a week from 7AM till 11PM.

Yes, it is optional to tip the Guide at the end of trip, as you please.

Our per kilometer charge are

  • Economy: Rs. 9.5/km
  • Premium: Rs. 18/km

Wahyd’s pricing is based on duration and distance. Some times route variation and wait time may result in slightly different fare.

Yes! You can book ride for someone else within our service zones, regardless of your location. You have the control to use your Wahyd credit or not.

We do not charge peak factor.

Yes! Wahyd gives an alternate solution to book a ride conveniently. Just call us at 051-8487520 and your ride will be there in minutes.

Yes! Wahyd’s operation team is available on Saturday and Sunday as well.

In-app chat allows you to send/receive text, pictures and voice messages to your contacts using Wahyd app, just like a messenger.

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