Wheelchair Van Rentals In Chicago


Are you a wheelchair user and in need of easy transport to take you wherever you want? Or you need one for your friends or family? Having difficulty finding wheelchair van rentals in Chicago? If so, then you have landed in the right place.

Break Transportation barriers and grab wheelchair van rentals in Chicago

It has been long recognized that people with disabilities face difficulty in traveling or tend to have limited transportation opportunities. Elder citizens have a lot of trouble negotiating stairs and steps and are fatigued easily. On the other hand, people with physical impairment issues have a risk moving in crowd. They cannot just head out and get on public transportation, because they do not have physical capabilities (temporary or permanent) like everyone else.

But guess what? Wahyd has developed a comprehensive solution with the use of latest technology to help you connect with wheelchair van rentals in Chicago in just a few taps on the app.

Wahyd app for reliable wheelchair van rentals in Chicago

We truly accept elderly, handicapped and disabled as part of the same society as we are. They are no different than us. Therefore, Wahyd app offers you a reliable, convenient and affordable platform to go anywhere anytime in a wheelchair accessible insured van. The app is available to use all over Chicago and its suburbs through a smartphone.

Ride scheduling: Want to reach someplace exactly on time? Book a ride(s) in advance and never worry about it. Wheelchair accessible van driven by carefully selected expert drivers will be there just as requested. “Multiple bookings” is a great feature that allows you to book a number of rides all-at-once.

Fare estimate: Provide pick-up and drop-off detailed address to get an estimated fare. It’s important to know your options completely before you go for it.

Real-time tracking: You’ll never be lost! Monitor the ride on the map and share the route with your contacts to inform them about your location right then & there. Always ride safe & sound.

Door to door: Your comfort is our priority – so, your ride will pick you up from your doorstep and will drop you at your destination point just as you like. But hey, you don’t need to pay an extra amount to get the ride at your doorstep, the fare remains the same.

How to book a ride on Wahyd app for wheelchair van rentals in Chicago?

Download the app from Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS and get ready to access wheelchair van rentals in Chicago.

  • Open the app and confirm your automatically identified pick-up location. Otherwise, search for the required location and enter your desired pick-up address.
  • Select the date, exact timing and days for multiple booking and tap save
  • Confirm the booking details
  • Now, choose & confirm drop-off location
  • Tap on Ride later.

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