Wheelchair transportation service in Chicago


You can enjoy traveling to places only if you have hands on to the right transport. Wahyd app is now available for reliable wheelchair transportation service in Chicago and its suburbs.

Having a disability or a physical mobility limitation is definitely difficult and it eventually leaves the person to stay homebound. For quite some time they don’t even realize that there are things out there that could help. It is nearly impossible for them to go out and participate in the community like everyone else. Fortunately, Wahyd app is right here for consistent and convenient wheelchair transportation service in Chicago. It’s a fast, efficient and affordable solution that helps you get around without any stress.

Break out of disability: Go around town independently through Wahyd app

Don’t dwell yourself in depression and anxiety. If you have the will to do it, you can certainly do it. You deserve better. Therefore, you can count on the Wahyd app to travel independently without anyone’s help. It is an excellent platform that allows you to book the ride comfortably from your phone. Effortlessly book the ride in just a few taps on the app without getting off your chair. Super simple & smooth!

Anywhere anytime – Wahyd app is your ultimate travel partner

We are dedicatedly providing services to the handicapped, disabled, senior citizens and/or anyone with mobility problems. It is important for them to be included in every perspective of life and transport plays a vital role in doing so. You can choose the Wahyd app to go to or from healthcare center to receive rehabilitative sessions or treatment therapies that could include dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, inter-facility transfers, hospital discharge, post-surgery visits, elderly transport, behavioral health centers, routine doctor visits, follow-up appointments, dental procedures, stroke & rehabilitative services, adult day care and much more. Not just that, you can order a ride to go to parties, weddings, concerts, ceremonies, special events, airports, shopping malls, pay your bills or do grocery – Wahyd literally takes you EVERYWHERE.

Get the ride at your doorstep – get Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago

Skip finding help to get the ride for you or dragging your wheelchair to the bus station because your accessible ride will arrive at your doorstep. The wheelchair accessible ride will pick you up and drop you exactly at your desired destination. The responsible drivers assist you to get in and out the vehicle and keep looking out for you throughout the trip.

Travel boundlessly – get Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago

Enjoying your life contributes to good health. Wahyd app is exclusively designed for people with special needs to travel whenever and wherever they want to be. Nothing is more attractive than a trustworthy travel experience – Wahyd is all about your comfort and ease. Book the ride effortlessly from your phone, give details and the ride will arrive at the pick-up location timely each time.

Book Multiple rides – get Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago

Wahyd bids you to be hale and hearty to relish life in every possible way. You can schedule multiple rides through Wahyd app in a single click. Select “Multiple bookings” option and book the rides at once. If you have a number of doctor visits, treatment sessions, rehabilitation sittings lined up, book rides for all of them altogether. Now you don’t need to worry about the conveyance at the last minute. Your comfy ride will be there on time and missing appointments wouldn’t stand a chance. You can easily catch-up to every meeting and gathering just like that.

Get fare estimate before you go

We don’t want you to burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why all our rides are reasonably priced. Once you enter the pick-up address and drop-off destination, the app shows you an estimated fare of the ride. In this way, you are in control of your ride order.

Track the rideget Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago

The rider can see the live map of the complete journey. The real-time map helps you track and monitor ride simultaneously. You can share live location with your contacts. Let them know where you are heading or give directions as you may please.

Your safety comes first at Wahyd

All the fleets of vehicles are insured and regularly inspected to make sure the passenger’s security on the go. Furthermore, the vehicles are crash tested before they hit the road. Only when they are established safe, they are permitted to drive. As well as, all the vehicles are of the latest model with ramps and lifts to help you get in & out carefully. So, don’t worry at all, you and your loved ones are always in good hands.

Clean rides accompanied with great service

Cleanliness is one of the most essential practices. When you choose to travel through Wahyd, we make the utmost efforts to provide you with the best. We ensure smoke-free, unpolluted and hygienic atmosphere.

How to get Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago?

  • Search for “Wahyd app” in Google Play for Android & Apple Store for iOS.
  • Then download & install the app.
  • Log-in to create an account & just get ready to ride the Wahyd way.

How to book a ride on Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago?

  • Login to Wahyd app using your mobile number.
  • Your current location will be obtained automatically. If you want to change it, select a pick-up location.
  • Now, select the destination.
  • Select the date & time for a single booking.
  • For multiple bookings select multiple dates at the same time.
  • Tap “ride later” and that’s it.

Don’t hold back – wheelchair accessible rides are just a tap away

Be wise & quick, download the Wahyd app today for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago and get going. Isolating yourself and drawing blinds tighter isn’t going to help. So, forget the things that are holding you back and welcome a new road to freedom.

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