Wheelchair Transportation Service in Chicago Via Wahyd App


You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to wheelchair transportation services in Chicago. So, choose the best: The Wahyd app for reliable, safe and affordable transportation, particularly designed for elderly, handicapped and people who need special assistance on the go.

Traveling for people with disabilities is difficult yet doable. How? Wahyd app is available for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago. It is a dedicated solution developed for people with special travel needs to go about anywhere anytime in just a few taps on the app. Download the app and go easily wherever you want to be. No more waiting, no more delays – choose a time and desired destination to get the wheelchair accessible vehicle at your doorstep.

Overcome self-doubt – get Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago

Wahyd app is a fast, efficient and convenient way to travel around independently. You don’t have to depend on anyone. Simply get the app on your smartphone and get started with it.

Book ahead of time: Order your ride from the comfort of your home effortlessly without moving an inch. Advance booking of the ride will help you manage your important meeting and appointments.

Schedule multiple rides in a single tap: If you are looking forward to cutting your travel hassle at the last moment and like to plan things beforehand then this is the right feature for you. You can schedule multiple rides at once to be there on time without any stress. Schedule the trips for follow-up visits to the doc or upcoming family get-togethers…Wahyd will take you everywhere right on time.

Get fare estimate immediately: There is so much do and we tend to forget little details quite easily…but we don’t! Just enter pick-up and drop-off location to quickly get an estimated fare of the prospected trip.

Monitor the ride with the real-time map: One of the most incredible features of the app is the real-time tracking. The app shows you the complete map of the ride from start to finish and the time it’ll take to get there. Keep on monitoring your ride and send the live location to your friends and family to let them know where exactly you are.

Fully insured vehicles: Your safety is our prior concern. Therefore, all the fleets of vehicles are fully insured and regularly crash tested. Want to know more about the Wahyd app for wheelchair transportation service in Chicago? visit the website or write to us with any questions you have.

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