Wahyd app for Non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago for seniors!


Many million seniors depend on others for their transportation. It is obvious that skill and ability to drive on their own diminish with age and that is why they are not much comfortable driving themselves. Does that mean they should stay homebound? No way! We have an easy solution for you. Wahyd app is exclusively designed for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago to go about anywhere anytime. Get your reliable ride at your doorstep in just a few taps on the app. Older adults, disabled and people who need special assistance during travel can use the app to travel around confidently without any stress.

Using the Wahyd app safely for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

Wahyd is all about your convenience and ease. Therefore, you can book a ride independently through your smartphone without any one’s help. Forget the struggle to go to the bus station, just tap on the app to get your comfy ride ready. Qualified, professional drivers will assist you throughout the journey from the beginning to the end. And the vehicles are fully insured and crash tested, so don’t have to worry about a thing.

Schedule the rides beforehand for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

What’s best about Wahyd? It is packed with features that help you travel like a pro! If you have a number of follow-up visits to the doctor just book them all at once using the “multiple bookings” option. We’ll make sure you never miss an important meeting; thus each ride will be there right on time.

So, download the Wahyd app today for secure non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago and be yourself!

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