Transportation for Disabled in Bolingbrook Illinois


Transportation for disabled in Bolingbrook Illinois is now more a problem with the Wahyd app in your smartphones. Sometimes an easy and a straightforward task, such as going to the doctor, picking up groceries, becomes a huge ordeal for people like senior citizens and the disabled. Without a car of their own and the ability to drive it, getting from one place to another will most likely require a means of special transport. In this regard, they usually look around for public transportation. But, this too will not work for them if walking up to the city bus is an issue. Getting to and from a stop, scheduling limitations, inaccessibility, and other factors can turn out to be a serious tribulation. In which case, Wahyd app is an ultimate solution.

Whenever wherever in just tap through Wahyd for Transportation for disabled in Bolingbrook Illinois

Wahyd app is a fast, efficient and affordable platform that offers convenience and reliability in just a few taps. People who need assistance during travel can make great use of it. Simply download the app on a smartphone, book a ride and a wheelchair accessible vehicle will arrive at your doorstep. You can literally go anywhere anytime because every ride is at your fingertips now.

  • On-demand: Reduce the congestion and get a ride ready whenever the need be.
  • Door to door: A simplified travel companion that picks you right from your door and takes you exactly at your destination point safely.
  • Easy ride scheduling: Advance booking helps you manage your travel concerns beforehand.
  • Book multiple rides at once: Save your precious time and energy. Book your important appointments once for all and be there on time every time.
  • Hassle-free traveling: A wheelchair accessible van allows you to travel in a reclining position all the way through.
  • Real-time tracking: Monitor your ride through the real-time map and send the live location to your contacts as well.
  • Large fleets of insured vehicles: What’s even better? all the vehicles are fully insured and are regularly crash tested. So, no worries whatsoever!

Sound’s easy…right? So, why not try it today and give yourself & your loved ones the freedom to reach any place stress-free. Visit our website for more details and information regarding transportation for disabled in Bolingbrook Illinois.

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