Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation In Bolingbrook Illinois


With time Wahyd app is becoming a popular alternative for non-emergency wheelchair transportation in Bolingbrook. Why? Because it is a convenient, consistent and affordable solution for people who require assisted traveling. Comparatively the fares are reasonable to travel easily to go anywhere anytime. The service is available round the clock, just tap on the app to book a ride & the ride will arrive at the pick-up location without any delay. We have worked hard to make accessible transportation a seamless, pleasant experience for people with special needs. You have to try it to believe it!

Wahyd app for Superior travel – non-emergency wheelchair transportation in Bolingbrook

Sometimes, it is necessary to break the traditional thinking to combat the traveling challenges. Disabled people face a lot of trouble to go from one place to another. Lack of suitable transport & policies forces them to stay homebound. But Wahyd app frees of all the distress just like that. They can travel easily in a recumbent position in a wheelchair accessible vehicle that arrives at their doorstep for unparalleled convenience.

Improve the mobility – get non-emergency wheelchair transportation in Bolingbrook 

Wahyd app totally eliminates the struggle to get a cab to catch up a gathering, appointment, party, or an important meet-up wherever it is. Multiple rides can be scheduled beforehand to save time and make travel more organized. On your way out, you can keep track of the ride through live map & you can share the map with your contacts as well.

Your travel happiness is just a tap away. So, download the Wahyd app for non-emergency wheelchair transportation in Bolingbrook. 

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