Non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago at your doorstep!


Are you a wheelchair user? Is public transport convenient when you need it? With so many limits on where you can get to or from, public transport can’t be a 100% solution for people who can no longer drive. But with Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago, every destination is nearby!

The overarching transportation issue that people face is that there is no good alternative once driving is not an option. Most of them depend on someone else to drive them which is not a true solution to stay independent. Due to a lack of exposure to alternatives, they are moving around in the same ways that they have been for years. Don’t worry! Wahyd has brought an exclusively designed fingertip platform.

Move around independently through Wahyd app

Wahyd app is now available for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago. It is a specially developed application for seniors, disabled, handicapped and for people who need special assistance. They can easily go about anywhere anytime in just a few taps on the app. You will not miss an important appointment to the healthcare center, rehabilitative sessions, treatment therapies that may include dialysis, chemotherapy, inter-facility transfers, hospital discharge, post-surgery visits, senior transport, behavioral health centers, routine doctor visits, dental procedures, stroke & rehabilitative services, adult day care services and so on like that.

Easily get Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

  • First of all, search “Wahyd app” in Google Play for Android & Apple Store for iOS.
  • Then download & install the app. Now, just get ready to ride the Wahyd way.

Book a ride on Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

  • Login to Wahyd app using your mobile number.
  • Your current location is obtained automatically. To change it, select a pick-up location.
  • Select the destination.
  • Select the date & time for a single booking.
  • For multiple bookings select multiple dates at the same time.
  • Tap on “ride later”. Your ride is scheduled.  

Begin your journey with the Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago!

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