Non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago – a seamless journey in a tap!


For disabled and senior citizen transportation mechanism needs to be seamless, with no failure in access from start to finish. To participate actively in society, it is certainly important for them to have an appropriate mode of transport. Is that even possible? Yes of course! Wahyd app is now available for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago. It is a fast, efficient and affordable solution to travel around comfortably anywhere anytime in just a few taps on the app.

Forget the traditional exclusion – get Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

Poor transport infrastructure is a huge barrier for people with limited physical mobility to get around. As a result, they are unable to participate in mainstream activities or access healthcare. They are deprived because of society’s inability to take account of their basic necessities. It is time to change the whole perspective. Wahyd app is particularly designed to cater to people with special needs. Disabled, older adults and/or people who need assistance during travel can benefit enormously from the Wahyd app. It provides a great opportunity to travel reliably in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It is safe and secure in all aspects. The vehicles are fully insured and the drivers are highly trained; it helps you and your loved ones to reach your destination in peace.

Organize your journey the way you want – get Wahyd app for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago

For people with mobility constraint, it is no more difficult to access the transport system. Just download the app on your smartphone to experience remarkable convenience. Book a ride effortlessly from the comfort of your home and the ride will arrive at your doorstep right on time. You can book multiple rides at once using “multiple bookings” feature. Schedule all your important meetings and appointments in advance in just a few clicks & flips on the app. Choose a time, pick-up location, destination point accordingly and always be there on time every time. Where barriers in environment contract the horizon of disabled and senior citizens to go “out and about”, Wahyd app encourages them to travel confidently without hassle. Get the app today for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago and reap the benefits!

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