How to make traveling easier through Ambulette Service in Chicago?


The fun and magic of traveling don’t necessarily wear off with age. But they need to exercise some caution while planning to travel around. Rapid changes in climate, walking, standing, waiting and the stress of traveling itself can their toll on older people’s health and well-being. However, there are various ways to make their travel experience relaxed & happy. Those who still want to celebrate each day like any other individual ambulette service in Chicago is right here. Download the Wahyd app for simplified and convenient travel. It is a fast, efficient and affordable tool that takes to your destination securely. Tap on the app to order a comfy, safe and reliable ride at your doorstep.

Planning is the key – do it through the Wahyd app for ambulette service in Chicago

As much as you like to travel, you would agree with me here, it gets harder sometimes. The key to making it work is in planning the trip properly. Let’s see how Wahyd does it for you;

Easy ride booking in Advance:

Wahyd app allows you to book the ride effortlessly from your smartphone without any hassle. You can do it without even getting off your chair.

Order multiple rides in a single go:

If you have a number of places to visit, you can schedule your rides at once using the “multiple bookings” option. Scheduling the rides ahead of time will save you from a lot of trouble and predicament.

Get to know fare estimate beforehand:

It’s best to have every detail of the trip in hand before you hit the road. Provide a pick-up and drop-off location to instantly get a fare estimate.

Track and monitor each trip:

The real-time map on the app is incredible. It gives you the complete picture of the journey from beginning till end. Moreover, you can share the live map with your contacts to inform them about your whereabouts.

How to book a ride on Wahyd app for ambulette service in Chicago?

  • First of all, search “Wahyd app” in Google Play for Android & Apple Store for iOS.
  • Then download & install the app. Now, just get ready to ride the Wahyd way.

How to book a ride on Wahyd app for ambulette service in Chicago?

  • Login to Wahyd app using your mobile number.
  • Your current location is obtained automatically. But if you want to change it, select a pick-up location.
  • Now, select the destination.
  • Select the date & time for a single booking.
  • For “multiple bookings” select multiple dates at the same time.
  • Tap on “ride later” and it’s done.

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