Choose Wahyd app for Ambulette service in Chicago and surrounding areas


To ensure reliable transportation is available to everyone especially disabled and the elderly, Wahyd has stepped forward with a remarkable solution – ambulette service in Chicago.

Finding reliable transit services for people with disabilities and the elderly is pretty difficult but not impossible. They cannot drive on their own which is why they are unable to do all activities and errands they needed or wanted simply because they couldn’t get around. Eventually, it leaves them feeling frustrated, isolated, confined and dependent on others. The problem is acute for people who don’t know where to go to get the information. But, the good news is that you now have an all-in-one solution for incredible ambulette service in Chicago and its suburbs.

Wahyd app for ambulette service in Chicago – a Safe and Affordable option

Wahyd offers a fast, efficient and affordable platform to go anywhere anytime in only a few taps on the app. It is specifically designed to meet the special needs of the people whose physical mobility is limited. It includes frail adults, handicapped and/or people with temporary mobility constraints e.g. post-surgery patients, etc. You will never miss an important appointment to the healthcare center, rehabilitative sessions, treatment therapies that may include dialysis, chemotherapy, inter-facility transfers, hospital discharge, post-surgery visits, senior transport, behavioral health centers, routine doctor visits, dental procedures, stroke & rehabilitative services, adult day care services and so on so forth.

Wahyd app is not all restricted to above-said destinations. You can attend parties, wedding receptions, sports events, special occasions, go to the airport or simply head out to pick-up grocery – Wahyd will take you everywhere.

Independent travel with the Wahyd app for ambulette service in Chicago

You no longer have to depend on your caregiver or bother other family members to go out. Book a ride through the Wahyd app effortlessly from the comfort of your home without getting off your chair. A wheelchair accessible vehicle will conveniently arrive at your doorstep. You can schedule multiple rides at once to plan & organize your follow-up meetings with the doc beforehand. So, great rides and amazing service is just a tap away. Download the Wahyd app for easy & simplified ambulette service in Chicago and reach your destinations safe & sound!

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