A large proportion of disabled person remains deprived of accessible ambulette service in Clarendon Hills Illinois and nearby areas. In fact, the majority of wheelchair users cannot travel around independently as they would like to. Disabled children’s charity Whizz-Kidz report concludes that two out of three persons with limited mobility don’t even feel confident enough to travel through public transport.

Wahyd App for Ambulette service in Clarendon hills

Considering the fact, Wahyd has launched an application to travel safely for people with various infirmities. Now, anyone with special needs seeking ambulette service in Clarendon Hills can use Wahyd app to go about ubiquitously. Following features of the app will help you take your ambulette experience to next level.

Ride Scheduling: Whether you want to catch up an upcoming family occasion or going to an appointment, schedule your rides ahead of time. Advance planning of your travel will make you stress-free.

Track & Monitor: Keep track of your ride & also share the details with your loved ones to let them know exactly where you are. Real time tracking includes details of the vehicle, driver and journey (estimated arrival time etc.)

Fare estimate: After booking a ride for ambulette service in Clarendon Hills you quickly get a fare estimate. It’s pretty useful to check the affordability.

Easy payment: Pay for the ride just as it suits you; cash or Wahyd credit. As easy as you like it!

You can easily find the Wahyd app for ambulette service in Clarendon Hills on Google Play/ Play Store. Download now and enjoy the travel freedom you deserve!

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