In recent years, there has been a great improvement in transportation ways and some brilliant ideas are sprouting up. But still, there are many problems with transport that makes traveling nearly impossible especially for people with disabilities. In this regard, Wahyd has designed an application for ambulette service in Burr Ridge Illinois and nearby areas for individuals with limited mobility. The app truly enables the riders with disabilities to travel independently and safely in a wheelchair accessible van whenever the need be.

Common problems in ambulette service in Burr Ridge & their solution through Wahyd app

Lack of travel information: Wahyd ride hailing app has complete travel information and it can be accessed in just a few taps.

Transport service with special assistance:  The application is exclusively developed for people with special needs. For example; elderly, patients, and/or people who require assisted traveling. They can easily go wherever they want in a recumbent position in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Lack of disability understanding: There is a lack of understanding of the needs of the people with certain disabilities and its limitations by others. However, when you rely on Wahyd app for ambulette service in Burr Ridge, we make sure to connect you with professional drivers that assist you throughout the trip.

Booking a wheelchair accessible vehicle: To book a ride on a wheelchair accessible transport has been made simpler by the Wahyd app. So when you need ambulette service in Burr Ridge, simply download the app, sign-up, schedule the ride (s) & off you go.

Multiple ride scheduling: You can schedule your visits to the doctor or therapist for different days on the app at once. You will reach your destination reliably right on time.  

Wahyd app is helping people who need ambulette service in Burr Ridge to travel conveniently in comfort. So, download the app now and start a safe travel in an insured wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Wahyd – Turning miles into smiles!

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