Good news for all the wheelchair bound people who use traditional ways to book a wheelchair accessible transport. Now you can avail ambulette service in Bolingbrook with a tap on Wahyd App. Since illness and injury can occur at any time to anyone and circumstances are not always good enough to get to hospital/clinic. Even minor procedures can leave patients weak, groggy and unable to drive. In such scenarios, wheelchair accessible transport can be really helpful.

An Efficient & affordable solution

Unlike emergency transportation that tends to be costly and unnecessary in most situations, non-emergency ambulette service in Bolingbrook in Illinois using Wahyd app is an efficient, affordable and comfortable solution. It’s a complete solution in the palm of your hand to get to your destination timely and safely in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It caters senior, patients, and/or people with limited mobility.

Freedom of mobility at anytime

Get the freedom of mobility through Wahyd app for ambulette service in Bolingbrook to travel independently anywhere anytime. With the use of innovative technology, we have made transportation more accessible and reliable especially for riders with mobility issues. Wahyd app is simple and easy-to-use. Download Wahyd app from Google Play or Play Store, sign-up and start scheduling your rides.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle with ramps best suits you and your loved ones to get to the medical facility in comfort i-e; rehabilitation center, physical therapist, hospital or anywhere else. The app allows you to book multiple trips on different days at one time. So, you can save yourself from the hassle at the last minute and stay ahead. Also, carefully chosen professional drivers and insured vehicles ensures your safe and sound travel each time.

Hence, follow-up doctor visit or an upcoming occasion just download the Wahyd app for ambulette service in Bolingbrook and go about anywhere stress-free.  

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