Mobility issues inevitably make one confined to home. Having someone around you to talk about what you’re going through can make a huge difference. While having a way out of it can definitely ease the problem. Finding such a solution was once difficult but not anymore. Fortunately, Wahyd has introduced a hailing app to provide ambulette service in Aurora Illinois and nearby extents.

All-in-one Ambulette Service

This application is specifically designed to cater the transportation needs of the elderly, patients with disabilities and people with similar incapacities.

We have put together an all-in-one solution that can be used conveniently from your phone. Download the Wahyd app, schedule your ride to your therapist/doctor/rehabilitation center etc. and a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be at your doorstep just on time. You can schedule multiple visits on different days at once to save yourself from the last-minute stress.

Less hassle more comfort

Since people with injuries or long time disabilities are advised to travel in recumbent position; they need special-purpose transport to move around. Traveling in a stretched/resting position will help lessen the pain and pressure on the muscles. Therefore, rely on Wahyd app for a reliable ambulette service in Aurora and nearby zones. You just have to tap on the app and order your ride. Yes! It’s that simple and easy.

Wahyd turning miles into smiles

Wahyd aims to provide an ambulette service that is affordable, reliable & expedient solution and the right choice for you and your loved ones to travel limitlessly.

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