A Simplified Way for Intercity Traveling – The Wahyd App


Our mobility and economic activity depend on transportation. And with modern age comes modern ways to travel. Therefore, Wahyd has introduced intercity traveling countrywide through Wahyd app. It is an efficient, reliable and affordable solution to go about any city anytime in just a few taps. Let’s have a detailed look at it!

When To Use Wahyd Intercity Service?

Business tours: Going to attend a conference, get training or have an important workshop in another city? Regardless of what sort of business tour you are on, Wahyd will be your ultimate travel companion. Book your intercity transits conveniently on Wahyd app and be there confidently.  

Family trips: Wanting to go on a family trip to see that mountainous lake located at the northern end of Kaghan Valley? Forget the hassle to book a van for it – every suitable option is simply at your fingertips. Choose a comfortable & affordable conveyance and head out with your family to reliably get to any destination without any worries. 

Hometown visits: Been away from your hometown for quite a long? Reconnect with your loved ones and have the happiest time out that you deserve – only through Wahyd app. No matter where you are, you can get it done in just a click because the Wahyd app is available worldwide.

Holiday adventures: Getting away from home allows you to get exposed to new places, people, cultures, cuisines and develop a whole new perspective towards life. Easily plan your holiday adventures with Wahyd to have a smooth travel experience.

Exploring around: Rely on Wahyd app to explore the beautiful cities of Pakistan and to enjoy its unforgettable attractions. It may take a little more effort to make a trip memorable but it all begins with comfort traveling. And there’s no better choice other than Wahyd!

Why Choose Wahyd?

Ride Scheduling: Save your time by booking the ride in advance and never be late. You can effortlessly schedule the ride beforehand from the comfort of your home and the ride will arrive at your doorstep at the given time. No trouble at the last moment!

Fare Of Your Choice: To travel outstation you don’t have to break the bank! You don’t need to spend your fortune on traveling as Wahyd app allows you to enter a fare that seems right to you. The Guide who accepts your offer will take up the ride and you can travel to places at a reasonable cost.

Trained Guides(drivers): After intensive scrutiny and thorough background check only skilled & capable drivers are hired. They are rigorously trained before they hit the road. So, a responsible, top-rated Wahyd Guide will keep you safe and make your journeys outstanding.

One-way and Round trip option: Wahyd gives you the freedom to ride away as you prefer and enjoy a consistent pricing experience every time. Travel one-way or book a round-trip – every trip is at your discretion. Make your trips budget-friendly using smarter options!

Vehicle options: We have got a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Pick a cab type that best suit your needs i-e; business, Regular, Hiace, Coaster. So, going out of the city to attend a wedding, a surprise visit to your grandparents or rushing out of town for an important business meeting – we have got you covered in every situation!

Safety & Security on the go: Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we take appropriate measures to minimize the occurrence of any predicament. In this regard, real-time tracking is one of the special features that help you monitor the ride on your way out. You may share the live location with your family and friends to let them know where you are.

Pay as you like: We offer several payment methods i-e; easy paisa mobile account, easy paisa shop and, credit card. Select one whichever is convenient for you.

How To Book a Ride?

Following is the step by step process to book an intercity order.

  • Tap open the app to enter pick-up information i-e; city, pick-up address and confirm
  • Enter drop off details i-e; destination city, drop-off address and confirm
  • Select your preferred vehicle
  • Select the specific date and time
  • Check fare estimate
  • Tap “fare offer” to enter fare of your choice (Optional)
  • Select one-way or round trip option
  • Then tap on “save booking”

And that’s all you have to do. The Guide who accepts your offer will be connected to you shortly and you’ll be on your way at the scheduled time.

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions to keep in mind while you book a ride on Wahyd app.

  • Currently booking allowed only from twin cities & nearby areas.
  • Book at least an hour before the time
  • Advance payment is compulsory for confirmation of the order

So, download the Wahyd app today and experience seamless traveling all over Pakistan.

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