About us

Wahyd’s Vision

Wahyd is about Pakistan. Wahyd is about you.

Despite the challenges of life in Pakistan its people have pulled through and even shined with the help of their Creator, showing time and again that we are a resilient nation. We are proud to be Pakistani and anything we can achieve as Pakistanis will only make us prouder. Wahyd is among exclusive tech startups that are wholly, solely and successfully Pakistani. We use the latest technology, without compromising on our Pakistani values.

Now we want to show the world that a truly Pakistani company, with the support of its patriotic people, can make things happen.

Our culture and values make us who we are. We believe in cooperation and simplicity. Rather than making claims we like to show people who we are through our work. One of our sparkling values is charity. In keeping with that tradition we have formed Wahyd Foundation as a part of the Wahyd vision - an organization funded by Wahyd to support our fellow Pakistanis. One does not have to work with Wahyd for our support: As long as you are Pakistani at heart, you are a part of the Wahyd family.

Wahyd Foundation ensures the positive triple bottom-line impact of all of Wahyd’s work: around people, planet and prosperity.

People: We want to ensure a positive social impact on everyone who interacts with Wahyd, first of all our Guides.

Planet: We want to minimize our footprint and optimize our handprint on this gorgeous planet we all share.

Prosperity: In the spirit of a for-profit social enterprise, we aim to create true shareholder and stakeholder value.

This is what we stand for and this is what Wahyd is all about.

What Wahyd Does

TTransportation is an issue not just for Pakistanis but all over the world. We wanted to make this integral part of human life as easy and comfortable as possible. We decided that there was no better way to serve our country than the Wahyd way. Our solution gets you to your destination of choice in just a few clicks. We offer a hassle-free customer experience - with the best prices in town!

Whether you need a ride to work, to visit a family member, or take off on an adventure with friends, Wahyd’s Guides have you covered. Our drivers are our Guides: humble, yet totally in the know! Wahyd’s Guides always find a way to guide our customers to their destinations. We invest in training our guides - our Guides are pleasant, respectful and courteous.

You, our valued customer, are at the heart of what we do. We do realize that by choosing our service over others you put your faith and trust in us. It is an honour we work hard to keep – and thank you for it.

Our journey started in the Federal Capital, Islamabad. Today, Wahyd aspires to drive our solution through a simple, yet powerful set of goals to become a leader in transportation and car booking services across the nation – and beyond.

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