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Turn Your Miles into Smiles

Finding a secure transport is stressful enough? Not anymore! Near or far, we’ll get you there! Speed, affordability, and better availability endlessly!

Wahyd Group Inc

Wahyd Group is a technology powerhouse providing smart, cutting-edge, and high-tech solutions to heighten way of life the world around. Technology is changing its face at an unprecedented rate. We believe, no one can help you manage today and innovate for your tomorrow like we can.

We understand moving around anywhere you need a reliable and comfortable transport that costs you least time and money which is really difficult if not impossible. That’s why we developed Wahyd-Ambulatte Hailing App. Under the umbrella of Wahyd Group, Wahyd is solely dedicated to comprehensive transportation services. Wahyd is an integrated, consistent transportation system that enables you to move around promptly and drive your earning.

Wahyd Foundation

Wahyd Foundation as a part of the Wahyd vision - an organization funded by Wahyd to help and support people in need. Wahyd Foundation ensures the positive triple bottom-line impact of all of Wahyd’s work: around people, planet and prosperity.

People : We want to ensure a positive social impact on everyone who interacts with Wahyd, first of all our Guides.

Planet : We want to minimize our footprint and optimize our handprint on this gorgeous planet we all share.

Prosperity : In the spirit of a for-profit social enterprise, we aim to create true shareholder and stakeholder value.

Connect with Wahyd

If you have questions regarding our service or need information about Vendor, Guides, Guests or partnership, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our team is ready to assist you.